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Note: this is a backup journal in case Livejournal goes belly-up. For now, [personal profile] p60369's thoughts can be found on Livejournal.

These are some of the thoughts of prisoner P-60369, currently held at Black Gazza Correction Facilities Annex, a converted space station above Pberl in the world of Shye, 20 light years from the main Black Gazza facility on Duotarin.

Note to readers: This is an entirely fictional journal based on roleplaying. Updates may or may not occur often.

Note to roleplayers: If you're wondering how a prisoner at a secure facility can keep an online journal, keep in mind that the journal is the medium the player is choosing to put down the character's thoughts: the character, P-60369, is not aware of the journal, just like characters in a book aren't aware of the book, either.

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abuse, black gazza, capital punishment, cells, crime, crimes, death, death penalty, duotarin, electroconvulsive therapy, electroshock therapy, electroshocks, guilt, imprisonment, innocence, insanity, jails, maximum security prisons, murder, padded cells, prison rape, prisoner abuse, prisoners, prisons, prostitution, punishment, rape, science fiction, second life, secure facilities, severe prisons, shye, supermax, supermax prisons, torture
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